Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Solstice Beginning

"The days are sieves to filter spirits, reveal impurities, and show the light of those who put their shining into the universe."- Rumi

To be honest, I have no time to blog. Or very little time, that is. And lacking that time (and therefore, creativity) what would I say?

Rather than have a purpose, I've decided to concentrate on the detail, day in and day out, and let the purpose, the overall pattern, emerge on it's own. And the detail, at least these days, is all about the trials and tribulations of 1) being a personal trainer and strength coach, and 2) owning and operating one's own business.

So, offering no background, no lead-in, no context... today was a fifteen hour day. Ten clients and one class in that fifteen hour time span. No wait...check that. I forgot that the Dillon Kreider Rule rang true. The DKR states that if you have seven or more clients scheduled in a day, at least one will cancel the day of the appointment. I made up the phrase "Dillion Kreider Rule", but I did not make up Dillon Kreider, nor her rule. She's a real person (and trainer) and she really did say that (one day, two or so years ago). And indeed, at 10:25am, my 1pm client cancelled (technically, just re-scheduled until tomorrow).

Even so, the word of the moment is "exhaustion". Hopefully soon to be followed by "sleep".

Pretty boring thus far, huh? That's ok. It's more for me at this point anyway. Thanks for enduring.

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