Sunday, June 25, 2006


Granted, in many parts of the world, or even in many parts of this country, 91 degrees isn't terribly hot. In Seattle, however, 91 degrees qualifies as a "scorcher." Fortunately, Seattle also frequently has nice breezes that keep the temperature from really feeling like it would in say...Houston, or Phoenix. That reprieve allows for two groups of people; those who commit themselves to an all day sun escapade (where they will "hold" their bodies under the burning rays as long as they can possibly tolerate), and those who head inside by 10am, where they stay tucked away until at least after 8pm.

And then I suppose there are the "tweeners"...the ones who were out enough yesterday that after another 2 hours today gave them that "whew...i've had enough sun for one weekend" feeling. That was me. Which is funny, because there was a time when if the sun was out, i was out in it. Not sure what's changed exactly. All I know is that after running stairs and sprints at mid-day, a cool, breezy living room, my laptop, and a recorded World Cup match was just the ticket. And now, at almost 9pm, the evening is about perfect.

I can see "manic" lurking just around the corner. Waiting to ambush the unwary traveler. The weather, the light... it's a wonder anyone gets to bed by midnight...even the early risers.

There is an issue...pulsing inside me...that is causing me quite a bit of dissonance. I know what it is, but I'm not completely sure yet how to find resolve. Or maybe I do and am just not ready to act on it.

How long can we let those things go? At what point will our day to day experiences and actions be colored so strongly by them that we finally move to stronger action? What compromises will we make? How much integrity will we allow to slip away?

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