Thursday, October 25, 2007

Roger and Me

So in the last six months or so I have found myself using the term "roger", or "roger that", quite a bit. Especially in the context of text messages (as my clients can attest to). So the other day I was thinking "Where does that come from? Why do people say "roger" when they mean"Ok, I heard what you said and I'm cool with it."?

So I did a little digging...

Apparently, if you didn't know already , "roger" means "heard you" in the context of military and civilian aviation. It comes from the letter "R" of "received", which in the old phonetic alphabet was called "roger". It was commonly followed by the word "that" to form the aviation phrase "roger that". The letter "R" in the new phonetic alphabet is Romeo instead of Roger.

As a sidenote, "Wilco", besides being a pretty cool band, is the contraction of the phrase "will comply". So "Roger Wilco" meant "I received your message that you have received my message and am signing off." It was a reply to Roger from the original transmitter of the radio message.

I don't really expect you to care about any of that, of course, I'm just sayin'.....

I know I had other, immensely entertaining, things to say, but I seem to have forgotten them at the moment. Dang.

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