Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I was tempted to title this post "Madness"...but that would just be accentuating the negative. So instead, I went with a recent event of intellectual interest...

What is it with the whole "when it rains it pours" thing? And I'm not talking about table salt here (Why was that girl carrying the salt under her arm like that, anyway? What was she thinking?). I'm talking about the phenomenon of "similar things happening in bunches".

I can probably say with a fair amount of confidence that every one has had this kind of experience at least once. Most of us probably experience it on a fairly regular basis. But what is it, exactly?

I don't buy the simple statistics answer, and I'm even an actuary by trade. I don't buy it because there is something organic about it...something "living"...something that transcends the "coldness" of objective chance. To write it off as a statistical event is just a convenient way for the logical part of our minds to be done with it so as not to damage our deep sense of needing to understand things.

So if we can accept that it might be something other than that, how strange the possibilities become! Does it happen TO us, specifically? Or does it just HAPPEN, in the Universe, and sometimes we just happen to be the ones that it happens to? Or do we somehow bring a little bit of it on ourselves by our state of mind? It does seem possible that if you had some things come up in your life, good or bad, your reaction to those things could put you in an psychological/energetic space more likely to attract even more things just like it.

At any rate, without going deeper in to it, it's odd. And yet seemingly so universal.

The madness is the schedule. Mine. Seriously.

In fact, I am so tired right now that all of the fun little thoughts I had planned on writing about have either slipped thru the cracks of my consciousness or I've lost the ability to creatively express the ones that I still remember.

Am I even making sense right now? Ugh. That's a problem, huh? I guess I will have to continue this some other time.

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