Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Congratulations to Me!

Thank you! It's nice of you to notice...

What? don't know? Ohhh...sorry... I guess you haven't heard.

Well, I had my birthday last weekend, and I am now the oldest former actuary turned personal trainer who also writes a blog! I know, I know... no, really, thank YOU. It just means a lot to me that you noticed.

Other things you might not know about me (cuz I'm not really one to brag)...

I once got hit by a car while crossing a street (it was going about 30mph) and even after flying up in to the air, on to the hood, and then, as you'd expect, back off the hood and on to the street again (where I started the whole journey in the first place, albeit upright), I still had both my suit coat and my briefcase in my hands. [I'd like to thank all of my former football coaches who drilled "HOLD ON TO THE BALL!" in to my head..and hands.]

I once went 18 years without ever vomitting. Seriously. And I never did that "do everything you can to hold it in" kind of thing either. I just didn't vomit. Guess I never needed to.

I broke that afrementioned vomitting streak by vomitting about four times in six months. Yeah, but, so what's the big deal....sometimes people just need to vomit, ok?

I once was accused (in high school) of having someone else write an English paper for me. And the teacher was basing it on the fact that my name was signed differently.'s called high school, when you're trying to figure sh** out like all the cool ways to sign your name. Oh, and Mister English Teacher , I AM THE VALEDICTORIAN of my class!! Who in the h**l am I going to trust to write my paper for me!!! (Sometimes people just need to think things through.)

I have had out of body experiences, numerous encounters with ghosts, and lots of other paranormal freaky-deaky stuff. And franky, while that kind of sounds cool on one hand, at times it freaked the sh** out of me.

I have never seen a UFO or, to my knowledge, been abducted by aliens. Which you might find surprising.

Anyway, there are lots more, but the point is on Yahoo! News I saw a headline about the birthday of the oldest person with a blog. They turned 108 years old. Congratulations! But are you kidding me? I mean, I commend that individual...on both their longevity, and on their blogging (Oct 10th: can't poop today, had sugar and butter on bread for lunch). But is it really Yahoo! News headline worthy???? And if so, I invite ALL of YOU to celebrate your lives in the same manner. In the history of the world you are all special and unique. At least as unique as that individual. So celebrate like you're a Yahoo! News story today...and if you are so inclined, tell people why you are so special.

On to other issues...I sometimes mention my schedule, and how busy I am, right?

Ok, so, you know those things you get in your email from friends, and it's the whole "questionnaire of things that define you" thing? Dog person or cat person? Bacon bits or croutons? Favorite drink? Etc etc.. And you're suppose to fill it out and send it on to everyone else? (Sidenote: you ARE a Yahoo! News story today, so if you've received one of those recently today would be a good day to fill it out and send it on to everyone you know!) Well, you know that question that says "Who is the person least likely to send this back"? I've received about four of those questionnaires in the last week, all from different, unrelated people, and in ALL cases they put "Tim".

How sad that I've gone from an email junkie to the person least likely to respond. Humph.

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Noel Hastings said...

I think I could give you a run for your money in the "least likely to respond" or "least likely to write emails at all" category! :)