Monday, March 30, 2020

Race Sherpa Rises: The side road through cancer

It is time to resurrect this blog.

But first, a note about the missing piece...

Not long after my last post, in February of 2015, I was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer. I really wanted to write about my experience, but I wanted to do it somewhere else, so I started a new blog called Race Sherpa Rises, which you can find here: Race Sherpa Rises blog

Race Sherpa Rises contains all of the content from my cancer experience, including my recovery. It also contains a little bit about the birth of my daughter, Taylor Joi. I actually wanted to pivot that blog in to what it was like to be a stay at home parent, but I decided not to, for reasons that I will explain later in this blog.

Because I started a side project called The Life Between, much of which is based on my experience with cancer, I wanted to leave Race Sherpa Rises just as it was so that I could use it as a resource. But I also wanted to start writing again, so as of today, I am moving back to Mydharma Days.

My first post, Love (and Life) in the Time of Corona is coming soon.

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