Saturday, May 15, 2010

Don't call it a comeback...

How is it that it is now 2010? Not just 2010, mind you, but the middle of May 2010. Where have I been? What has changed?

On a glacial scale, very little has changed, of course. In human terms, however, so much has changed that to go back and try to revisit it all seems pointless. So I'm left with "not much has changed" in terms of information to share, and yet in reality everything has changed.

You can't put your foot in the same river twice, they say. And that's true of life as well. It is in constant flux. And even though we sometimes feel as if there's nothing to SAY, it's only because the constant, on-going, moment to moment movement of our own existence eludes us (or eludes our ability to verbalize it). The person I was when I started typing this is already different; thoughts are different, biology is different, molecules are different.

How silly we are...conceptualizing separate, discrete, tangible...where only interconnected, continuous, and empty exists.

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